Lamzu Partnering with Addice

Lamzu Partnering with Addice

August 23rd, 2022

Addice Inc is proud to announce the partnership with LAMZU to launch their first gaming wireless mouse, the #Atlantis superlight in North America. First sales will launch this week via and this batch of Atlantis Superlight will come with an extra set of glass skates. Hope you enjoy the new product we have brought in this time, make sure you follow us to see what comes next. And thank you LAMZU for the opportunity.

About Lamzu: We are a group of peripheral enthusiasts, passionate about crafting premium products. Amongst our team, we have passionate hardcore FPS gamers/designers, structure engineers, and Supply chain Managers with 20 +years of experience. Also, extreme DIY geeks.

When it comes to gaming mice, we noticed there are many interesting topics like, click feeling, grasp feeling, sound, touch, shape, and style which are personally subjective, no product makes everybody satisfied, thus there’re many niche brands and top-tier brands such as Zowie, Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, etc.


With our many years of experience in design, production, and testing, we realized that we do have some unique ideas that no one offer in the current market. So, we decide to invest our time, and energy in creating the unicorn of our dream. We got many years of experience in designing, production, and hardware testing, we found out we have some ideas which are special, but no ready products in the market, so we invest our time, energy, and money to try new ways to design products.

Some might think that we are crazy for entering a field that is so saturated, but we know that there is no perfect product to suit all users. By trying to design new structures, using new materials and new processes, we believe that if we can create a product that can satisfy our experienced team members, there will be a group that will appreciate it. With our dedication to being innovative and the support from the community, we will continue to strive forward and craft more unique products.

We are determined to bring more fresh air to the market.

For more information about LAMZU check out:


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