Addice inc is one of the best and foremost lifestyles symbols for gamers.

Addice inc is an online retailer, Logistics, and Marketing Company dedicated to excellence. Founded in 2012, based in southern California, USA. We service our consumers by providing compatible computer peripherals, with the collaboration of Zowie, Esports Tiger, and  Dezctop.

We’re zealous about every part of what we do. Addice Inc. is a top-notch value-added distributor located throughout southern California. Founded and established by experts that have vast experience in the field of information technology. Our network and marketing proficiency is ideal for maximizing brand value in many market sectors. We are enthusiastic about working in line with manufacturers to only offer products that shine in powerful quality tests as well as providing extensive after-service to further heighten the ability of resellers to grow their brand image. 

The trademark of Addice is quickly becoming the standard logo in the global PC gaming arena and Esports communities. Our target is to design and build one of the world’s largest gamer-focused ecosystems of hardware alongside our collaborators and manufacturing partners. For each product, we focus on how our customers connect and interact with the digital world. It is a brand dedicated to the retail of professional Esports equipment. 

    OEM / Design

    Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive "one-stop" OEM/ODM solutions. Regardless of how big or small, complicated or simple your project may be, our experts will be with you, all the way from inception to completion. We have formed strategic alliances with first-tier firms globally to provide you with the most competitive prices without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. Over the recent years, we have experienced phenomenal growth driven by our relentless commitment to quality, advanced manufacturing processes, fast time-to-market turnaround, build-to-order flexibility and unparalleled personalized customer service.

    In today's competitive market, many branding companies are outsourcing business services not directly related to their core competencies. By doing so, they are able to reduce cost and increase efficiency. The priceless resource gained translates to more time to focus on what they do best - Growing the business, making strategic partnerships, and building rock-solid competitive advantages.

    Here at Addice, our goal is to provide our clients with the most economical solutions in the shortest possible time. We have the manufacturing and design capabilities to provide our customers with "one-stop" turnkey solutions. Our services include research & development, mechanical & electronic designs, mock-up prototyping, mold & tooling, manufacturing and assembly services.

    Let us turn your ideas into products. We provide solution consulting that will identify the best value combination of services to fit your unique product proposition.

    • Conceptual / Industrial Design

    Industrial Design is what "puts the face on the concept." It answers the questions: What will it look like? What does it feel like? To whom does it appeal to? How will the user use it? How can it be made better? Can it be made faster at a lower cost? Can it be made at all?

    • Mechanical Design

    Addice's in-house mechanical engineers provide mechanical design services to supplement your engineering team or furnish complete designs for individual products. With every projects, our engineers' first priority is to tailor the design toward our clients' needs - Reasonable product life cycle, ease of assembly, low-cost maintenance, and products of the highest quality. In addition, we assist our clients in choosing alternative materials, optimize designs, and preliminary engineering analysis.

    • Electrical Engineering

    At Addice, we provide professional engineering services for design and development of electronic hardware and software. Our services includes: Electromechanical design, circuit design, PC board design, and software development. We provide complete prototyping capabilities to allow for comprehensive testing, resulting in proven designs that eliminate failures in services.

    • Prototypes & Mock-up Samples

    After preliminary evaluation of a product's industrial and mechanical design, Addice provides precision mockup samples for evaluation of the product's physical look, feel, and color prior to hard tooling.