Dezctop RGB Lighting Strip Pack

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Dezctop RGB Lighting Strip Pack-Addice Inc
Dezctop RGB Lighting Strip Pack
Regular price $69.99 USD
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Looking to add some extra dazzle to your gaming setup? Dezctop RGB Lighting Pack is perfect for you. With 80 addressable LEDs, it provides plenty of illumination coverage, and with the extension options available, you can customize it to fit your needs. Plus, the control box syncs or separately engages two channels, varying the lighting and adding the right ambience for you to play in.


Uncomplicated Installation on Multiple Surfaces

Save time and hassle with easy installation. You can finally stop worrying about complicated installation instructions.

Glitter or Ambiance, One Button Away

Makes your life easier by giving you the option to choose what mood you're in. Express yourself at all times!

Bring Unique Personalization

Stand out from the crowd. You deserve something you can call your own.

Light up Your Workspace Beyond PC Rig

You'll be able to work in the dark without feeling like a vampire. Your computer will look cooler.

 User Manual    - User Guide
Model Number & EAN DA-RGBLKT-BK1, 4710578830232
Material Plastic, PCB, Magnet, Steel
Light Controls
  • RF Remote
  • Via MB’s Addressable RGB LED Header
Light Effects
  1. RF Remote:
    50 light effects across 6 modes including Static, Rainbow, Fading, Breathing, Stary Night, and Meteor.
  2. Via MB’s Addressable RGB LED Header: Depends on MB’s light control software
Control’s Switch Switch between RF Remote (Blue Light) and MB’s ARGB LED Header (Red Light)

LED Strips’ Compatibility

DEZCTOP LED Strips Only.
Each channel supports up to 6X LED strips (Up to 120 LEDs per channel)

Input Power

DC 5V connector

 Input Signal

3-pin connector for connection with MB’s ARGB LED Header (Via PCI-E Adapter)

 Controller Dimensions (W x D x H)

52.5 x 52.5 x 20.5 mm

Controller Mounting

Magnets or 3M Dual Lock Adhesive Pad

Strip Quantity


LED Type

5V Addressable RGB LED (Equivalent of WS2812B)

LEDs Per Strip


Magnets Per Strip


Dimensions (L x W x H)

660 x 100 x 3 mm, which covers:
(1) Effective range of 500mm (LED PCB)
(2) 2-end connection cable, 80mm each


3-pin Male/Female Connectors on each end


Magnets or 3M Tape



Glitter or Ambiance, One Button Away

  The Kit will deliver the variety and customization you look for, from a disco party battle station to some ambiance soft glow. With the remote control, the Kit offers five preset dynamic effects (plus 1 Auto) and 12 static colors to choose from, each with five brightness and ten-speed levels. Alternatively, connect the strips to a motherboard’s ARGB LED header for some “smart” lighting, such as synchronization to the beat of the music. Play around with refined adjustments and find what RGB values best suits you!

Uncomplicated Installation on Multiple Surfaces

  Each light strip has built-in magnets that will snap to any steel parts of a desk, which makes it easy to tuck the lighting away from sight and appreciate a substantial color range without being blinded by LEDs. To decorate your setup surroundings or non-magnetic surfaces, freely place the strips with the self-adhesive backing (attached and ready to use on the strips).

aps are included in the box to achieve a different look.

Bring Unique Personalization

The RGB Lighting Kit comes with 20 addressable LEDs on each of its four strips. With a total of 80 LEDs out of the box, the Kit effortlessly caters to a wide range of setup sizes. Four connection/extension cables (19 and 39 inches) supply extra length between strips or from the control box to a strip and provide greater flexibility for you to match the PC rig placement with the lighting setup, whatever the size or shape of your desk is.


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Light up Your Workspace Beyond PC Rig

  Fancy some vivid vibe around your entire PC space? Discover RGB decoration for your rigs and also for the surroundings. Tired of monotonous color schemes? Alter the palettes and light dynamics with two individually controllable channels and brighten up your formation. Our Lighting Kit includes light strips, a remote, a control box, and a power adapter. Easily adjustable through the remote and coupled with the independent power source from the adapter, you don’t have to own an RGB capable motherboard to give your desk arrangement a shiny unique look.

 Package Content
  • LED Strip x 4
    Dezctop RGB Lighting Strip Pack package
  • Controller x 1
  • RF Remote x 1
  • 100-240V AC to 5V DC Power Adapter x 1
  • 1,000 mm Connection/Extension Cable x 2
  • 500 mm Connection/Extension Cable x 2
  • PCI-E adapter (to MB’s ARGB Header, 600mm) x 1
  • 1,000 mm Cable (PCI-E adapter to Controller) x 1
  • 3M Dual Lock Adhesive Pad x 4
  • User Guide x 1
Package Dimensions 8.8 x 6.9 x 3.2 in (224 x 175 x 82 mm)
Package Net Weight 0.84 lbs. (0.38 kg)
Package Gross Weight 1.3 lbs. (0.61 kg)

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