Insights on the ESPTiger NEW Grand Master Series

Insights on the ESPTiger NEW Grand Master mousepad Series

ESPTiger Grand Master MoR, Ling, Long

High-density twill weave

The surface of the Grandmaster Long mousepad is optimized by a high-density twill weave, providing high-speed movement, low resistance, and better dynamic/static kick-off.

High-density comfort Stitched edge

The edge adopts the 4mm high-density knitting method, which removes the excess continuation edge and ensures the mouse pad is more durable, and the delicate stitching also ensures the comfort of long-term use of the wrist.

New and improved SR rubber Base

The Grandmaster Long series mouse pad uses a new version of SR lightweight rubber, which reduces the weight of the mouse pad and makes the mouse pad softer and more comfortable. The mouse pad will be fixed steadily on the desktop even waving the mouse sharply, and no side-slip phenomenon occurs.

Large size like how you like it :)

The surface size of Grandmaster Long is 480*400mm, which can provide enough movement space for any competitive player.

More colors to choose from

Provide a variety of colors for players to choose from. Players can choose their favorite color according to their preferences. Different packaging in the same series The traditional mousepad package is used on the MoR version, and the newly designed retail box with a seal is used on Ling/Long version.

Product Story

The main pattern design of the series is inspired by the Uzi submachine gun and the peony flower known as the China National flower. The Uzi submachine gun represents power and killing and is known as the "Desert Killer", while the peony represents hope and peace. Wish all players to stay strong and last, protect your love with your strength.

The newly developed SR natural rubber base for our mousepad is lighter in weight, better in slip resistance, and softer than any older SR rubber Base products.


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