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P. ¿Cuáles son mis opciones si nunca he recibido mi paquete?

R. Comuníquese con nuestro correo electrónico de servicio al cliente help@addiceinc.com, especialmente si han pasado más de 30 días.

P. ¿Puedo cancelar mi pedido mientras está en tránsito?

R. Desafortunadamente no, sin embargo, los pedidos de EE. UU. pueden usar nuestro servicio gratuito de devolución de 30 días. Los pedidos internacionales pueden devolver sus pedidos antes de 30 días.

P. ¿Cómo puedo editar mi pedido/dirección de envío?

R. Puede visitar la página de su cuenta y editar o cancelar su pedido antes de que se complete.

Based on 204 reviews

My item has not arrived after a month, you dont answer my emails aswell

has not arrived at my house

Hello, the product has not yet arrived at my house, what is happening? How long can it take?

Kun Lun | Poron | Large Gaming Mousepad

Awesome mouse

Great mouse great shape amazing thank you

Amazing desk

Really great sturdy desk with lots of customization options.

best shipping

best shipping

all good

fast shipping

Too big for mouse

Mouse skates came too thick and the mouse would not track on the mousepad

Best Pad!!!!!

I buy mousepads to start reviewing them and test them, i love skypad and hard pads because I hate mouse pad softness i feel very incosistent on pads like the lamzu energon, and other soft pads. this pad with glass skate feels like a cloth version of the skypad with a tiny bit more control this is my #1 over my skypad

I love the mouse. Very responsive and lightweight. Great for use on the go.

If you want a slow pad then this is the best quality one I’ve tried. The stitching is below the surface and tight. It comes flat packed with no rolls or creases. It’s super smooth and very comfortable to use. Be ready for it to be a slow control pad similar to a GSR or equate in speed.

This is what it would feel like if artisan made a mudpad. Literally THE endgame mudpad.

I purchased the Katana as I've moved from playing predominately MMO's to shooters, and it was a good decision. The mouse is very light, and is durable enough that I dont feel it's overly fragile. The software is lightweight and easy to use, unlike many of the bloated and clunky Logitech, Razer and Corsair programs. One of my favorite parts about the mouse is the magnetic charge port. Would recommend

Amazing pad, especially for the price, and it arrived in 3 days. Would highly recommend.

I am absolutely loving this pad! I am currently using a Razer Mini SE with glass skates and it absolutely hovers over this pad! It is quite an interesting surface and unlike any other i've used before, but I am enjoying it thoroughly so far!

Nice packaging. Arrived in a timely manner. Good mouse.

Came in perfect condition undamaged and in a week to the east coast with free shipping. As my first purchase from Addice would buy from them again.

Phenomenal mousepad! The design is stunning, the surface itself is incredible with glide and flicking to enemies within FPS games too!

10/10 recommend this pad!

Gaming mouse skin Esptiger anti slip tape Sweat absorbant Slip resistant 0.6mm Glaze Red grip tape for Razer Viper V2 Pro
Thomas Duran

Good quality and grippy

This mousepad is crazy. I own pads from LGG, Puretrak, Zowie, X-ray, etc etc, and this one is different from all of them. Has a unique texture, excellent speed and stopping power. Cannot attest to longevity, but so far loving it.

EspTiger Arc 1 Skates
Sunkang Huang

Very good skates for $7

EspTiger ICE Skates - Aftermarket PC Mice Feet
Heather Gustine

Exactly what I needed. Shipped fast too!