The Benefits of a Cloth Surface Mouse Pad

" Have you ever wondered if there are any benefits to using a cloth surface mouse pad? A lot of gamers seem to swear by them,...

Aug 08 2022
Post by Jack Hunglow

Kovaak's x Esptigers mission

Kovaak's collaboration mousepads with Esptiger are available in three different varieties. These slick new mousepads was designed by popular aim trainer software makers Kovaak, with the...

Aug 01 2022
Post by Jack Hunglow

Cloth now available with purchase of wuxiang 2 pro mousepad

Do you hate having to clean your mousepad? Well, now there's no need! The wuxiang 2 pro comes with a micro fiber cloth to help keep...

Jul 25 2022
Post by Jack Hunglow

G-pro wireless has found a friend

Balance texture, eye opening design and soft red colorway. Esports Tiger LongTeng and Gpw op looking like a match made in heaven🥵🤤

Oct 12 2021
Post by Daniel Chiang