Esports Tiger launches PuRu+, a new material concept poised to change mouse pads forever

Esports Tiger launches PuRu+, a new material concept poised to change mouse pads forever-Addice Inc

Esports Tiger, a leader in enthusiast mouse pads for gamers announced the launch of PuRu+, an evolutionary material for high performance mouse pads. The PuRu+ substrate, developed with resin closed-cell foaming process, offers improved tabletop anti-slip properties and flatness than traditional mouse pad substrates. Designed to easily accommodate intense usage and exhibit a “stability akin to Mount Everest”.

As we evolve and continue to strive for improvement, we never stopped searching for alternative high-quality mouse pad substrates,” says Tom Deng, CEO of Esports Tiger. “As such, we are proud to introduce a new substrate, PuRu+, for our new line up of mouse pads.” 

PuRu+ product features:

  • Exclusive material design to ensure anti-slip stability.
  • Excellent support and adhesion to surface fabrics, with higher surface flatness.
  • Moderate material hardness and tension, allowing it to seamlessly flatten once spread out or unrolled.
  • Stable physical properties at room temperature with no volatility, no irritation to skin, and no harmful substance or materials. 

“As a manufacturer of high-quality gaming mouse pads, we always have a goal of developing and experimenting with new materials or techniques. For a long time, we have experienced many issues with using rubber foam substrate as base. The instability in the rubber foaming process makes the base surface very prone to ripples and gaps,” Mr. Deng explains. “As a solution, we used SR substrates for mouse pads released in the fourth quarter of 2021. Although this has effectively solved some of the problems associated with rubber foam materials, it brought upon other shortcomings, such as its higher resistance to flattening out and its unflattering non-slip properties.” The Esport Tiger’s PuRu+ was designed to address these issues and more.

PuRu+ will be featured in the Q4 lineup of 2021. For more details and up-to-date information, follow us on Twitter @esp_tiger,

Esports Tiger Puru+ collection here 



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