Vancer Wireless Wookong Edition Gretxa Black Gaming Mouse

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Vancer Wireless Wookong Edition Gretxa Black Gaming Mouse-Addice Inc
Vancer Wireless Wookong Edition Gretxa Black Gaming Mouse
Regular price $29.99 USD
Sale price $89.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Cabrera

Great mouse, for those who enjoy the shape, the mouse is really incredible.

Raf de Guzman

Shape is god tier, really love the shape it fits my hand perfectly and is very comfortable. Main clicks feel creaky? I don’t know how to explain but I think it has something to do with pre/post travel. Big fan of the stock skates on Hien Soft. Had to change DPI from 800 to 700 to match my Superlight though.

Kenneth Ferguson

Impressive little mouse flying under the radar. Has solid build quality and the shell feels refined. Main and side button clicks are light and poppy courtesy the always wonderful TTC Golds. There is a smidge of pre and post travel, but it adds a bit of cushion. Wheel is quiet while scrolling and detents are pronounced (almost perfect IMO). The wheel's click is also pleasantly light, though not so much that you'll actuate it accidentally.

Software is serviceable and obtained by emailing support. Some settings are adjustable on mouse or via firmware (such as LOD). Settings are saved on the mouse and LOD is adjustable within the aforementioned software (so you can delete it after it's all set up).

3370 == Flawless sensor. No skips or spinouts. Shell texture could be a bit more grippy. There is no RGB and the LED only really exists to show battery status. It can be turned off with a button press. The stock feet are particularly impressive and feel like Tiger Arc 1s when broken in.

Battery lasts a few days even with fairly frequent use. Probably because power conservation is aggressive with the mouse first turning off the LED after a set period of time and then sleeping until a button is clicked.

Overall, I think this is a top mouse. You can see and feel the changes they made to address criticisms of the previous iterations. Hopefully it holds up for a long time because I quite like it.

Introducing the Wireless Grexta Gaming Mouse by Vancer, available in 5 different colors Metallic Red, Blue, White, Pink and Black.

 *All Gretxa Sales are final, no returns

  • Included in the box:
  • Extra set of PTFE feet
  • Charging Cable
  • Dongle

Size: about 123* 62 * 37mm
Sensor: original phase 3370
LOD: 2mm (default) 1mm
DPI: 400/800/1800/3200/4800/6400
Return rate: 125Hz (8ms) 500Hz (2ms) 1000Hz (1ms)
Weight: about 63 ten 5G (500mAh lithium battery)


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